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The pessimistic version of the forecast assumes that in the market there were competitive products which are also focused on this segment which reached more advantageous position, than our development. In this case for strengthening of positions in the market it is necessary to allocate additional resources for advertizing, and also, perhaps, to reduce the price of goods. As a result of the taken measures the increase in sales volume will be expected.

Some operating impulses as, for example, BFG, XCK, CK and others, can be brought on the corresponding schemes where they are used, but these schemes are not involved in work of a television camera. It is caused by possibility of modernization of a television camera further.

As a result, it is possible to draw a conclusion that total currents of consumption and, respectively, a power do not exceed admissible for the standard power unit used in a color video camera of SONY, so it is possible to apply it as the power unit in our development.

The payment fastens five screws to the main part of the case which has connecting clamps so that the output connector, the food socket, a light-emitting diode and the switch got to the corresponding cuts of the case. The payment is closed by the top cover which is fastened with lower six screws diameter of M