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Glacial lakes. Karovy, platinic lakes are widespread in places of an ancient freezing of the Central Range. They are very various in size and an arrangement. Water in these lakes the slabomineralizirovanny. In spurs of the Central Range Dvukhyurtochnoye's lake lies. On Kamchatka this biggest lake of Ice Age.

Tundra lakes the most numerous group of lakes. They form the whole congestions on extensive peat bogs of the West Kamchatka lowland, seaside lowlands of east coast and the territory of Parapol Valley. They small, a roundish form with abrupt steep coast, with muddy water.

Inundated lakes. It is the big group of lakes which is settling down, as a rule, in valleys of the rivers. Are formed as a result of flooding by waters of the lowered sites of the floodplain. In the floodplain of the Kamchatka River quite large lake of Ozhibachye is located.

For the tourist the most attractive, exotic type of geothermal sources is, of course, geysers. The well-known valley of Geysers originating from a volcano's slope of Kikhpinych - a real miracle. Other group of geysers still rather operated recently in the valley of the river of Puzhetk on the South of the peninsula.

Absolutely special place in life of Kamchatka is taken by red fish. Incalculable schools of a humpback salmon, Siberian salmon, a chavacha, the bulltrout, a silver salmon, salmon come every fall from Okhotsky and Beringov of the seas into the Kamchatka rivers, sometimes rising and to lakes there to sweep out caviar. Sea fishery, first of all production of the humpback salmon going for spawning and Kets, makes the basis of the economy of Kamchatka.

Sea lakes. Carry lemon, lagunny, bukhtovy lakes to them. They are, as a rule, dated for coasts. Coast their low and boggy, water in these lakes saltish on taste. Are close to lagunny lakes and the relic lakes which stood apart and freshened sea gulfs.

Lakes of a caldera of the ancient destroyed Uzon's volcano. Furmalnoye's lake, as well as the lake bathing, belongs to thermal (warm). Water in the lake acidified as a result of formation of sulfuric acid. In a crater of a volcano of big Semyachik the mysterious lake Black is located. Water in the lake really black, is covered with the bubbling black film. The film consists of sulphurous iron.