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2 saturation. Repeated processing by saturatsionny gas is carried out for the purpose of the maximum removal of ions of calcium. Introduction before 2 saturatsiy SAO in number of 0,25-0,30% is allowed to the mass of juice for additional adsorptive cleaning. Final juice of 2 saturation 9,0-9,5; juice is filtered, the deposit goes to a preddefekation.

In the course of a saturirovaniye decreases, but it is impossible to reduce it lower than 10,8-11,0 as at this value the most part of not sugars on a preddefekation is besieged: at lower value they will pass into solution.

In the course of a preliminary defekation 60% of all not sugars deleted in the course of cleaning are besieged, the structure of a deposit with optimum properties is formed. For improvement of structure of a deposit and increase of efficiency of removal of not sugars it is expedient to return suspension of juice of 2 saturation on a preddefekation.

After sorting cucumbers and tomatoes arrive on a sink. Strongly polluted "fruits and zelenets presoak. 40 min. in bathtubs with clear flowing cold water. Then they are washed on jet washers and moved with conveyors to container. Sometimes process is finished rinsing under a shower. Spices well wash out and cut on slices no more than 8 cm long; the horse-radish (leaves or korenye) after washing and cleaning is crushed on a kornerezka (noodles or circles). At garlic a collum and a neck, wash out and divide it into teeth.

The main defekation is intended for decomposition under the influence of ions of a hydroxyl and high temperature of the reducing substances, salts of ammonium, amides, proteinaceous and pectinaceous substances, saponification of fats. Products of reaction are calcic salts of the corresponding organic and mineral acids. Decomposition of protein and pectin is undesirable as products of disintegration are soluble and are not removed from juice; decomposition of nitrogenous not proteinaceous connections and the reducing substances interferes with formation of the painted connections worsening quality of sugar.

Compoundings of a pickles of tomatoes are various. Usually add fennel — 1. 2,5, garlic — 0. 0,4%. The horse-radish is entered much less often — 0. 0,6%. Often use pepper bitter — 0. 0,15 and leaves of currant —. 5%. Restrictedly apply mixes of a marjoram, a basil, a chaber and a coriander — to 0,5%.

After a saturirovaniye juice goes for upholding or filtering for the purpose of removal of a deposit of a carbonate of calcium and not sugars adsorbed on it. The filtered juice goes to 2 saturation, and the filtrational deposit obessakharivatsya and removed from production.

Similarly salt also tomatoes. Red and pink fruits in kegs or large bottles with a capacity respectively 50 or 5 l. In salty tomatoes (red and pink) the mass fraction of salt has to make. 3,5%; a titrable — 0. 1,2%. Fruits have to possess soft, not ­ a consistence, sourish and saltish taste with aroma and smack of spices.