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In the long term specialization of the industry of the North will go deep. Oil production, gas, coal will increase; further development will be gained by ferrous metallurgy as a result of increase in production of steel and hire at Cherepovets steel works and input at full capacity of Kostomukshsky GOKA (in Karelia). Production of aluminum raw materials and alumina production, and also production of mineral fertilizers will increase in the Kola mining complex.

The forest industry of the Timano-Pechorsky complex includes logging, woodworking, timber-chemical branches. Big prospects for its development are planned in Komi by the Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic where the Troitsk and Pechora and Ust-Kulomsky timber processing complexes will be created. For a complex focal placement lazinesses in a small number of the cities and working settlements is characteristic.

Resources of coals concentrate in the Pechora pool. From above, all balance reserves of coals of the pool make coked which differ in the increased caking and contain small amount of sulfur and phosphorus. The Pechora coked coals provide smelting best on quality of chugun in the country and metallurgists chesky plant arrive on Cherepovets.

The big space in the territory of a complex is occupied by the Timano-Pechorsky oil and gas bearing basin. Along with an old Ukhta oil field the new – Usinsk, Vozeysky, Haryaginsky, etc. are open here. The largest gas field – Vuktylskoye. From it to Ukhta – Torzhok is laid the Shine of the North gas pipeline.