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1 A foot rack separately, hands forward, fingers are bound. Turn of a trunk to the left - a breath; a starting position - an exhalation; an inclination back, hands for the head - a breath; a starting position - an exhalation. The same in other party. Speed average.

The prolog pursues the aim of gradual retraction of an organism in walking, moderate revival of activity of breath, blood circulation and other bodies. It is necessary to go quietly, with an average speed 2-2,5km/h, walking it is gradually accelerated and in 10-20 minutes to be led up to the usual;

Starting position - an emphasis being kneeling. Unbending the left foot and raising it back, to bend hands and to touch by a floor breast - a breath; being wrung out, to return to a starting position - an exhalation; to repeat the same, raising the right foot. Hands in an emphasis on width of shoulders. Speed average.

It is confirmed by results of research of the maximum aerobic productivity. So, in 12 weeks of training in improving walking (on 1 h 5 times a week) at examinees the increase in MPK by 14% in comparison with initial level was observed. However such training effect is possible only at unprepared beginners with low to UFA. At more prepared athletes the improving effect of walking decreases as with fitness growth intensity of loading becomes lower than the threshold. The increase in speed of walking more than 6,5 km/h is difficult because is followed by the disproportionate growth of energy consumption. That is why at movement with a speed of 7 km/h and more slowly it is easier to run, than quickly to go.

It is necessary to treat critically expediency of its use by persons of middle and advanced age (considering age changes - cardiovascular system and negative influence on factors risk. Occupations by athletic gymnastics as it was already noted, can be recommended to healthy young people on condition of optimization of training process and a combination of athletic exercises to training for endurance (run, etc.). People of more mature age can use only separate exercises of an athletic complex directed on strengthening of the main muscular groups (muscles of a humeral belt, a back, an abdominal tension, etc., as addition after training on endurance in cyclic exercises.

The starting position - to kneel and then to sit down on heels with an inclination forward, palms on a floor. 1 - 3 - sliding a breast over a floor, in the beginning bending, and then straightening hands, to pass into the provision of an emphasis lying on hips - a breath; 4 - bending feet, quickly to return to a starting position - an exhalation. Speed slow.

Occupations in the pool in comparison with occupations on air are followed by more expressed decrease in pain, strengthening of blood supply of skin, improvement of graphics of fabrics, reduction of bent to spasms and spasms.

Sitting on a floor, hands to shoulders. Three springing inclinations forward, having undertaken hands shins - an exhalation; will become straight, hands to shoulders - a breath. Gradually to increase inclinations. Not to bend a foot. Raising a trunk, straighten shoulders. Speed average.

Improving walking (health path) as independent improving means can be recommended only in the presence of contraindications for run (for example, at early stages of rehabilitation after postponed a heart attack. In the absence of serious deviations in a state of health it can be used as the first (preparatory) stage of training on endurance at beginners with low functionality. Further, in process of growth of fitness, occupation by improving walking have to be replaced by running training.