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Along with the described main of economy at a scale of production of multinational corporation had ample opportunities an of economy and on many other inaccessible to firms within the markets (not only the small and average countries, but sometimes even such capacious markets as SSh. Let's list only essential of similar to the :

First, all provisions on economy at a production scale, ­ to the separate enterprises, only as a component in a of the corresponding economy to the large companies.

The competitive strategy elected by firm defines a way with which the firm carries out separate kinds of activity. Firms get competitive advantage, developing new ways of performance of activity, introducing new technologies or initial components of production. They enter with them the market, and then it is innovations.

In the international market firms, but not the countries compete. It is necessary to understand as the firm creates and holds competitive advantage. At the present stage of possibility of firms are not limited to borders of their country of basing. For a role of global strategy in creation of competitive advantage it is necessary to pay special attention since these strategy completely change a role of the country of basing.

Objective basis of increase in the sizes of the company (concentration growth the capital is the expansion of the market of this caused both growth of its internal consumption, and increase in volume of an in connection with development of foreign trade. The economy caused by it at scales of production of the company stimulates growth of multinational corporation, including due to expansion of a wide intercountry network of branches. All this is the brightest reflection of internationalization (in the directions of integration) a world.

In process of folding of the theory ­ the enterprises his key idea about an at a scale of production starts being attracted for formation of strategy large and the largest the company. In relation to this sphere development gains more volume and complex character, however with a number of the inconsistent moments or it is simple "white spots".