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The way of passing of freight in the territory of port is shorter, the cost of its processing is less. Therefore for the majority of freights, excluding only the freights demanding specially storages seek to place warehouses along all line.

Warehouses happen opened, in the form of special platforms for the freights allowing storage open-air (sand,, ore, coal, the round wood, etc.), and closed — for types of piece freights, cement, apatite, grain and other which storage is open-air inadmissible. Thus the covered warehouses do general purpose or for storage of any one freight (granaries, refrigerators, for dust-like freights etc.).

The amount of sorting raid as well as length of moorings, define after the detailed analysis of goods turnover separately for each allocated "freght traffic. Each not self-propelled vessel transporting the considered share of the general goods turnover gets on raid twice: arriving to the port and going from it. Therefore if are known the average loading capacity of the vessel, efficiency of a and average time of finding of the vessel on raid,

Thus, in calculations all factors except the economic are considered. Therefore dismiss only minimum necessary value of capacity of a, but do not focus on the optimum economic decision.

The mooring line of port consists of separate straight sections of the coast. If before the main moorings carried out continuous on length, lately, in connection with stationary high-performance reloading cars, quite often moorings do in the form of separate support (bull-calves, bushes of piles) at otkosny fastening of the coast.

Mooring raid occupies the water area along the mooring. of mooring raid is defined by width of the water area, two moored vessels, and a stock between the extreme vessel and an edge of the ship course.

After a choice of the technological scheme of passing of freights (and the passenger through port its main components to calculation. The characteristics of elements of port counted directly on the set goods turnover are: length of the mooring line; water area sizes; depths of port; sizes of warehouses; quantity of prikordonny and railway tracks.

Design depths in seaport are determined by the same technique, as for river ports. Difference is that for various parts of an of seaport (the channel, shunting raid and moorings) different depths.

At last, oil separate moorings can have the part providing placement of a technological, the minimum length. In this case for mooring of vessels the special pala which are not connected with the main design of the mooring are arranged. In certain cases the mooring should increase, on the contrary. So, for example, if it is provided a vessel recursor in the course of reloading works, at calculation of length of a it is necessary to add to length of the vessel also a recursors. Sometimes lengthening of the mooring line can be dictated and reasons ( warehouses of the demanded length, approach of railway prikordonny tracks on trailer the mooring.

At the transit movement of vessels through the pool it it is necessary to appoint width from a condition of creation of a free strip for each line of the movement. The area of raid for a sediment of rafts is defined proceeding from daily goods turnover.

In the river ports located on the free rivers, the of the territory is appointed at the level of high water peak with settlement probability of excess of water level for ports I of category — 1%, II and III categories — 5%, the IV category and piers — 10%.

The cost of daily operation of modern vessels is very high and when determining of the given expenses on coastal (moorings plus their equipment and to fleet quite often that it is economically expedient to have a reserve of ability of the mooring.