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It completely includes system of plans, planning process, a subsystem of management of planning and partially — three other elements: subsystems of organizational support, information support and decision-making.

Inclusion of a subsystem of decision-making in system of planning serves to emphasize nature of planning as decision-making process and also to show need of obtaining special information and its such processing which promotes adoption of better decisions.

Two types of the plans called the first are the main exit of system of strategic planning. However they have to be guided by current plans of projects, programs and production. They should be transformed to future production and special plans (projects). Two last types of plans are also part of system of strategic planning.

Need of development of the system of plans, that is sets of the interconnected plans, is defined by that solutions of complex strategic problems are also rather difficult. They are difficult in the sense that demand the accounting of such factors, so different in the nature, as scientific, technical, technological, financial and so on, participations and supports of the most different clients of the organization.

Of course, process of adoption of planned decisions cannot be made completely objective and systematic. As means of association of judgments and estimates of heads in a single whole within the formal analysis of decisions the decision-making subsystem has to serve. Such mutual addition of value judgment and the formal analysis strengthens possibilities of heads to make strategic decisions in difficult situations.

Decision-making subsystem. From the description of process of planning it is visible that planning is inseparably linked with making decisions on the purposes and strategy. Therefore, no procedure of planning will exist until the end of system without the ordered approach to its major phase — to decision-making.

Schematically to show the maintenance of a database its communication with planning process elements, and also with various sources of planned information it is possible as follows (scheme "Information Basis of Strategic Planning").

Similarly the decision on hiring of the specific worker, as a rule is not strategic (though at the hiring of the head of the highest rank or the expert of the highest qualification capable to help the organization to achieve it the global objectives, such decision can be strategic).

System of plans. Result of process of strategic planning, its exit is planned documentation (so-called "system of plans") in which all types of the planned indicators for the end of the corresponding periods find reflection.

Prerequisites of planning. Prerequisites (assumption) contain the main background information necessary for strategic planning. They can be concrete, for example treat rates of inflation, or more general, such as assumptions about change of system of the main values of society.