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How then to find a place of the person about which it is possible to tell, what he is ingenious? If the person decided destiny let not of the world, but the country if it took priority in a set of affairs if it left on itself(himself) memory for some centuries if, having a set of talents, it found in itself(himself) energy for all of them, - that how then to argue on it?

Such personality, certainly, demands other scale of measurement. It turns out that it is necessary to speak not only about its origin and all life, but also about its situation among those who surrounded it, about its role in own era and about its influence on all history of mankind in general. In this case qualities of the person as that are important only so far as they explain to some extent his acts.

It is possible to explain differently this take-off of culture against tragedies of real life. Perhaps, the spiritual truth also has to be born in sufferings as the unique way of their overcoming. Here the point of view of Nikolay Berdyaev who tries to explain Renaissance contradictions to that is interesting

did not know chesky language of Machiavelli and therefore he was familiar with Homer, Platon and Aristotle's masterpieces only in their Latin translations. Since youth at Niccolo taste to native Italian was shown. As the writer Machiavelli developed under the influence of Petrarch and Dante, - at him was at whom to learn.

Time then imperiously demanded geniuses. The person any talented was not able to afford to remain in obscurity, and the boy who was born in dear Florentine family and received a name of Niccolo at a baptism was as it appeared, is very talented.