Michael Bierut On How To Introduce Yourself

Leadership tips for study and focus

Other type of the conflicts – the valuable intergroup conflict. Tension between the different youth groups belonging to the different social groups and groups professing different values and norms. Such tension seldom turns into the conflict because representatives of different social groups seldom enter interaction.

The youth feels more sharply and more freely expresses the main problems of development in all nonconventional societies. "Process of the cultural movement submits to generational rhythms: change of the representations which developed during crisis is made as replacement of one generation by another, applying for more effective model of a reorganization of society". Distinctions between generations of subjects are deeper, than changes in this or that country are more dynamic and more large-scale.

The majority of the conflicts between youth groups happen simply because of division of the leading positions (who to the glayena. Such conflicts are obviously conscious, are dictated by leaders of groups, are highly institutionalized, and respectively, easily give in to the decision and control.