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At the same time the competition is shown in the rigid fight which is followed by ruthless suppression, replacement, ruin of the rival. In the sphere of the competition moral standards are most difficultly respected, rigidity of the market exactly here is shown. A humanization of modern society, the growing interrelation and

The practice of business negotiations existing in the country answers similar rules of the majority of the European countries. For adjustment of business relations the exchange of missives with offers suffices.

The competition is the necessary element of the free market which is the most steadily connected with values of freedom, an initiative, success, with dostizhitelny and liberal values in general. The main prerequisite of the competition is freedom and equal opportunities, dostizhitelny orientations and aspiration to success.

Many firms adopt the internal ethical codes ordering certain norms and rules of behavior, commitment to certain values and obligatory for observance by all employees. Ethical codes are intended in order that

The German employees rather strictly treat a clothes choice. A main type of clothes - a strict business suit. It is necessary to pay attention to a choice of footwear and not to put on light boots to any suit. Negotiations are conducted with participation of one or several partners. Germans prefer those negotiations in which they with sufficient evidence see possibility of finding of the decision. At the conclusion of transactions Germans will insist on rigid implementation of the accepted obligations, and also payment of high penalties in case of their non-performance.

Japanese as the nation, besides high organization and absence of sense of humour, allocates one more devil - sincere self-criticism which, is connected some image with organization. Our people, for example, bitter minutes of failures drink or laugh, or do consistently both. Japanese, remaining serious and without relaxing, analyze the abnormalities which led to bitter minute and seek to correct them in short historical terms.

The great value in Japanese culture is attached to punctuality. Accuracy. Accuracy at negotiations - whether it be in time of their beginning and the termination, or implementation of promises, the assumed obligations - one of the most important lines of Japanese style of negotiating.

Important value for representatives of a business community have informal relations with partners, including in not working hours. Italians very much appreciate manifestation of interest in Italy, as to the country, being the ancestor of many types of arts and crafts.

Koreans in the weight are open, sociable, very polite and well well-mannered people. Therefore the pertinent will remember that to you can not mean cordial relations that you managed so to interest your partners in the offers, they simply show politeness.

Sometimes it is necessary to face such point of view: if already the parties cooperate, are engaged in common cause, \what there can be between them conflicts? Actually the conflicts happen very often and very serious. Of course, it is possible to appeal to court and there to try to settle

Other necessary requirement to employees is honesty and openness of information on a state of affairs; giving ^ pictures in financial and marketing statements even if in it there was no evil intention is strictly punished.

the business, ability patiently to listen to the interlocutor, without objecting it, not always means a consent in Britain. And so with English partners it is never necessary to be afraid to be silent. Thrift - quality which British show to money, words and emotions. They unfriendly treat any expression of feelings. Punctuality in Great Britain - the tough rule. Negotiations can be conducted with one or several participants. It is possible to rely on the word of honor of British. They are rather flexible and willingly the parties respond to an initiative opposite. Was traditional for British and there is an ability to avoid acute angles during negotiations.'