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More capaciously to consider all subtleties at air transportation of passengers we considered features of charter flights. The aviacharter is, as a rule, used for mass tourist transportations. Usually major companies which are completely redeeming leased places use charter transportations, sometimes, if the travel agency has not enough tourists, it hands over in sublease of a block place to smaller firms.

To all members of Executive Club traveling in First salons (the first class), Club World (business class), World Traveler Plus (the improved economy class), and owners of the Gold Executive Club cards in addition in the form of bonuses Miles over standard norm are charged. The airline also entered a number of additional services which members of the Executive Club program can use, using collected Miles.

The block charter is not always favorable to airlines as sale of air tickets in this case goes at lower price, than usually. However during the high season, when demand for tickets is high, carriers try not to refuse to travel agencies such service.

The airline weekly sends passengers from Almaty to Turkey. Passengers can choose the city to which they should get. These are naturally large cities which are the economic and tourist centers: Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya.

In the market of tourist air transportation distinguish "intermediate" businessmen - the enterprises wholesalers concentrating large charters in the hands and distributing them further among smaller enterprises in the form of block charters (till 10-30 places). The enterprise wholesaler carries out sale of places on the charter, as a rule, by the following options: the soft, rigid and combined blocks of places.

Split charter. Treats the most difficult type of transport of passengers which is carried out by regular and irregular flights on different sites of a route. Thus the formed group can include the passengers going to different terminal points.

Implementation of a charter route demands very big preparatory work: planning of a route, filling of single flights, obtaining all permissions to an air passage, providing minimum admissible parking at the airport of arrival and departure, etc.

Now the airline performs regular and charter flights to Bulgaria, Lebanon, Iran, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Egypt, Turkey, Spain and some other countries. The firm personnel totals more than 400 people. Its basis is located at the Kiev airport Borispol.

After replenishment of fleet of VS Fokker-50, a number of the internal flights connecting the regional centers to the cities of Astana and Almaty and providing services of auxiliary lines for the main routes started becoming effective gradually.

The closest points of their leaving are the Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, next to Kazakhstan. In these countries there is much lower than a cost of services of the airports. So, the airport of Tashkent serves one transit flight for 3 thousand US dollars while the airport of Astana offers the same services already for 8 thousand dollars. Besides, and Tashkent and especially Bishkek are disposed much closer to Almaty, than Astana.

At registration of tourists at the airport of sending and arrival the control of baggage which is carried out by raying on the special terminal, external survey with dogs is exercised. At emergence of suspicions careful examination of baggage or a personal search is possible.

The travel agency distributes expenses on single runs of the aircraft between all links of a chain. Therefore the charter chain is longer and flights are more often, the less there will be costs of travel agency of transportation of blank spaces, and the to tourists transportation will manage cheaper. The charter chain will, as a rule, be organized for time of 4 — 5 months with a frequency of flights of 1 — 2 times a week, is more rare — once in 10 — 14 days.

Favourably to organize charter chains during a season mass ­, the tourists connected with rest. Thus expenses are only the first and last flight: the aircraft (when the plane comes back empty after delivery of the first group of tourists and flies empty behind the last group).

Charter flights have a certain geography and pronounced seasonality, i.e. air transportation will be organized in the tourist centers. All this has to be well planned: the special route of a charter flight has to be developed, whenever possible it is necessary to avoid single flight, to have permissions to an air passage, etc.