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High East Kordilyera has complex structure and forms east suburb of the Andes. Its western slope, towards plateaus, abrupt, east — flat. As east slope of the Central Andes in a to all other parts of the region receives a significant amount of rainfall, for it the deep erosive partition is characteristic.

Throughout the Central Andes in Peru and Bolivia there are large-scale deposits of ores of non-ferrous, rare and metals. The coastal and the Western Cordilleras in of Chile are high on the list in the world on copper production, in Atakam and on the coast of the Pacific Ocean there is an only thing in the world a field of natural saltpeter.

In the Southern Andes glacial of a relief are widespread. Except fjords and glacial lakes, it is possible to meet big circuses, valleys with a typical profile, there trailing valleys, thin ridges which often serve as a dam for lakes, etc. Forms of an ancient freezing are combined with a powerful modern freezing and development of glacial processes.

The western Kordilyera represents a mountain chain with and active volcanoes: Ojos del Salado (6880 m), Nevado Coropuna (6425 m), Ualyagiri (6060 m), El Misti (5821 m), etc. Within Bolivia the Western Kordilyera forms the main watershed of the Andes.